Aztec Aquaplex Pool Fun



ARC members are walking in and out of the front doors at the Aztec Recreation Center. The video has been sped up so that members look blurry. A boy in a red shirt is using the squat machine to perform squats. A girl in a yellow shirt is using TRX bands to work out her shoulders and arms. A boy in a blue shirt is working out by using a punching bag. Three girls are exercising on stationary bikes, while participating in a spinning class. One girl is seated and the other two are biking in a stand-up position. Two girls are playing one-on-one indoor soccer. Next, the video shows a kick boxing class where the teacher is instructing her class on how to jab and punch. Afterwards, a boy is shown spiking a volleyball over the net. The video then shows a yoga class. A girl in a jersey makes a basket while on the indoor basketball courts. A boy in an orange shirt is then shown playing racquetball at the Peterson Gym facility. Next, you see the cardio room where members are running on the treadmill, biking on stationary bikes and climbing the rock wall. The video then zooms in on a boy climbing the rock wall as he clings on to one of the stones on the wall. Afterwards, the video takes you to the Aztec Aquaplex, where you see three guys lounging on floating devices in the shallow end of the pool. A boy then dives off the high dive, performing an impressive flip before landing in the pool. Once in the water, the same boy begins to swim laps in the lap lanes and heads back towards to the diving boards. Next, you see the state-of-the-art tennis courts where a boy is playing tennis with a friend. Moving on, you see the outside of the Conrad Prebys Student Union, home of the ARC Express and Aztec Lanes. Footage of some of the machines and the Synrgy 360 are shown. Next, Aztec Lanes is seen. People are bowling and playing pool. The membership video concludes with people walking in and out of the ARC once again at sped up pace so that their image becomes blurry.

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