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Team Challenge Workshop:

This is a great option for groups who want to focus more on a specific emphasis with their group, including: communication, unity, leadership, goal setting, managing change, strengthening relationships, building trust, or problem solving, etc.

This program also allows groups a chance to be away from their normal work/ school zone and get to learn more about each group member and strengthen existing bonds. We also use a series of trust and support activities that give team members an opportunity to place their physical and emotional safety in others.

Group Size:

12-200 participants

Time Requirements:

2-6 hours

Team Challenge Workshop and High Ropes Course: (Our most popular option)

The core components of a Team Challenge Workshop with the addition of:

  • Low Elements that take the team 2-12ft off the ground and require participation from the whole group in order to achieve success
  • Partnered and Individual High Elements suspended 25-45 feet off the ground
Group Size:

12-150  participants

Time Requirements:

2-6 Hours

Boat Building Regatta:

If you want a unique experience with the core ideals of a team atmosphere, our Boatbuilding Program is the way to go. The original group is split down into smaller teams that must design, construct, and navigate a cardboard boat across the 50m Aztec Aquaplex pool. This program requires planning in small groups and provides individuals with multiple opportunities to think creatively and plan strategically to develop an innovative solution for their team.

Team awards are given at the end of the program for the categories of: Fastest Boat, Design Esthetics, Team Spirit, and (only if necessary) The Titanic Award ­for the most spectacular sinking.

Group Size:

12-150 participants

Time Requirements:

2-3 Hours

Rockwall Team Challenge:

Join us in the opportunity for smaller groups to build a cooperative relationship with other team members though individual support and tandem climbing at the Aztec Recreation Center Indoor Rockwall. Our rockwall is approximately 30 feet tall and is the perfect environment for smaller groups to break out of the normal routine and have a chance to experience something new.

Group Size:

12-20 participants

Time Requirements:

1-2 Hours

With Every Team Challenge Program

  1. We establish a safe environment for group members to contribute their thoughts and ideas while working towards accomplishing goals
  2. We present challenges that give groups an opportunity to work together and achieve shared success
  3. We introduce new activities which provide a catalyst for group members to accept new leadership roles that promote an atmosphere of support and cooperation  
  4. We provide opportunities for group members to learn more about each other and strengthen personal relationships through common experiences
  5. We give individuals (and groups) a chance to go beyond their perceived limitations and realize that, individually, they can achieve more with the support of their group
  6. We designate time for individuals to reflect on their experiences and connect what they have learned back to their everyday lives
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