Rugby Game - Aztec Player running with ball

Aztec Rugby

Tradition of Excellence

SDSU Aztec Rugby was founded in 1958 when a group of athletes interested in trying the other code of football gathered in the Aztec Bowl, in an attempt to introduce SDSU to a new and exciting sport. Their introductory year was a Cinderella season as they clinched the conference title. They were a fiercely competitive and tight group in their early years, as they worked hard to lay down the roots of Aztec Rugby on campus, which also led to their on field success. This winning tradition has continued and flourished to include numerous conference titles as will as the Collegiate National Championship in 1987.

This "Tradition of Excellence" remains an Aztec Rugby benchmark as the Aztecs compete each season against such powerhouses as UCLA, University of Arizona, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and UC Santa Barbara. Aztec Rugby, undoubtedly regarded as SDSU’s premier sports club, has posted an impressive record over the past 20 years. The team’s accomplishments include 8 conference championships (2 co-championships), placing no lower than third place within our SCRFU conference, an annual top national ranking as well as qualifying to the sweet 16 Championships numerous times and the final four in 2009. The team continues to work hard to continue and improve on the tradition of success from the past. Beginning in the Spring of 2011, the Aztecs will enter the new USA Rugby College Division 1 Premier League, comprising of the top 32 teams in the country and will compete in the Pacific Coast Conference with Cal, UCLA, Cal Poly, Saint Mary’s, UC Davis, Claremont College and Central Washington.