Frequently Asked Questions

Joining the Team:

Foreign exchange students & students who are NOT regularly enrolled students with 6 or more units of coursework.
This semester we are maxing out at 75 members.
$500 a semester
After paying dues, members have 3 weeks to file for a refund, after 3 weeks there are no refunds. If you participate in team funded activities in the initial three weeks (EX. practices, tournaments, ect.) there will be no refunds.
Tuesday’s at 7:00pm in the Council Chambers (third floor student union), not required but highly encouraged.
It’s as much of a commitment as you want! Attend practices, tournaments, and social events to your liking. Get your money’s worth!
Yes, we wear lifejackets!
Should not be an issue


Everything you need is provided! Just bring a swimsuit and yourself! You’re more than welcome to bring/buy your own gear (life vest, gloves, ski, etc.)
Mission Bay! We run our practices out of Mission Bay Aquatic Center (MBAC) which is about 15 minutes from campus
Approved drivers, who are approved through the school
Sometimes everyday, sometimes only once or twice a week. It all depends on the availability of our approved drivers
We have an awesome deal right now with MBAC so we have access to their brand new Ski Nautique boats! Both Ski boats and Wakeboard boats!
Yes, it's the ocean… No, we have never seen them


We have three coaches who are all very experienced skiers and teachers: Curtis Williams, Cole Dohman, and Michael Thieman
We compete in the National Collegiate Water Skiing Association, Western Region. We compete in anywhere from 3-6 tournaments a semester.
No but they are LIT so you should go
No but you should!
Anyone who is an approved member of the team can participate. Anyone, family and friends, can go and spectate.

Team Merchandise:

You are not required to buy a team suit, but it is recommended so you can be identified at tournaments as part of our team.
Pay our team treasurer, Jake Hooper!
Club members in a row - girls on the shoulders of the guys