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December 2018

Hannah Pollek

Hannah Pollek

Competitive Sports


This month Aztec Recreation is congratulating Hannah Pollek for her continuous hard work and dedication. A current senior at SDSU, Hannah has worked in Aztec Recreation Competitive Sports since her freshman year. After high school, Hannah was looking for a way to stay connected to sports when she applied to work as an official in the summer before she began attending SDSU. Now, more than three years later, she has become an incredible asset to both our Intramural Sports and Sport Club programs, working as an official, supervisor and as an office assistant.

“In her time working for Aztec Recreation, Hannah has become a leader in the department and an expert in all things Competitive Sports at SDSU,” says her supervisor, Parker Anderson. “Hannah is constantly demonstrating advanced knowledge of our programming and is considered a foundational piece of our success within Competitive Sports. She is a problem solver.”

Looking towards her future, Hannah is grateful for the real-world experiences she has gained during her employment in Associated Students and her favorite memories involve the many people she has worked with, including co-workers and players. A lifelong athlete, Hannah’s work ethic revolves around teamwork. With her experience, she is always assisting her coworkers in the office or on the field. “You can’t go throwing your officiating partners under the bus, so it’s important to learn how to work with your different co-workers, to understand how they work and how they may work differently from yourself or others.”

A Mechanical Engineering student, Hannah looks forward to graduating in May 2019. In addition to being a full-time student and part-time employee, she is also a member of the engineering honors society on campus as well as Aztec Baja, an on-campus engineering club that builds mini off-road vehicles. With so much on her plate, Hannah always reminds herself that “If you ever feel like trash, just remember it is garbage CAN not garbage can’t!”

Aztec Recreation would like to thank Hannah for her continuous loyalty, leadership and hard work. Congrats!



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