Inside Aztec Recreation Center - view from 2nd floor of various exercise equipme

Our Team

Aztec Recreation

Mark ZakrzewskiProfile Photo

Mark Zakrzewski

Associate Executive Director

Pam MahlowProfile Photo

Pam Mahlow

Associate Director

Christina GoergenProfile Photo

Christina Goergen

Marketing Coordinator

Dawn DiNardoProfile Photo

Dawn DiNardo

Office Coordinator

Nate WolfProfile Photo

Nate Wolf

Member Services & Operations Manager

Amanda GonzalezProfile Photo

Amanda Gonzalez

Member Services Coordinator

Seth WayneProfile Photo

Seth Wayne

Operations Supervisor

Jake SiegfriedProfile Photo

Jake Siegfried

Aquaplex Manager

Austin CoatesProfile Photo

Austin Coates

Aquaplex Coordinator

Ally NormanProfile Photo

Ally Norman

Aquaplex Supervisor

Reginald CabanillaProfile Photo

Reginald Cabanilla

Associate Director of Facilities & Sustainability

Durand SmileyProfile Photo

Durand Smiley

Building Services Coordinator

Charlotte RobertsProfile Photo

Charlotte Roberts

A.S. Sustainability Coordinator

Carlos PayanProfile Photo

Carlos Payan

Building Services Engineer

Mateo MarquezProfile Photo

Mateo Marquez

Building Services Mechanic

Cole DavisProfile Photo

Cole Davis

Fitness & Wellness Coordinator

Ai KuwayamaProfile Photo

Ai Kuwayama

Fitness & Wellness Supervisor

DeJuan BenfordProfile Photo

DeJuan Benford

Assistant Director of Competitive Sports & Outdoor Programs

Adam McClanahanProfile Photo

Adam McClanahan

Competitive Sports Coordinator

Adrian Macias SanchezProfile Photo

Adrian Macias Sanchez

Competitive Sports Supervisor

Emily TaylorProfile Photo

Emily Taylor

Climbing Supervisor

A.J. Munoz-BondProfile Photo

A.J. Munoz-Bond

Director of Adapted Athletics

Mission Bay Aquatic Center

Kevin StrawProfile Photo

Kevin Straw

Director, MBAC
Phone Icon 858-488-2040 x210

Kevin WaldickProfile Photo

Kevin Waldick

Assistant Director, MBAC
Phone Icon 858-488-2040 x215

Paul LangProfile Photo

Paul Lang

Operations Manager, MBAC
Phone Icon 858-488-2040 x208

Lance WalkerProfile Photo

Lance Walker

Marine Maintenance Technician, MBAC
Phone Icon 858-488-2040 x205

Jamie EubanksProfile Photo

Jamie Eubanks

Instructional Coordinator, MBAC
Phone Icon 858-488-1000 x216

Austin PaccioneProfile Photo

Austin Paccione

Instructional Supervisor, MBAC
Phone Icon 858-488-2040 x260

Brooke HowarthProfile Photo

Brooke Howarth

Youth Programs and Events Supervisor, MBAC
Phone Icon 858-488-1000 x230

Amanda GrantProfile Photo

Amanda Grant

Office and Marketing Manager, MBAC
Phone Icon 858-488-2040 x203

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