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Aztec Recreation

Mark ZakrzewskiProfile Photo

Mark Zakrzewski

Director of Recreation
Phone Icon 619-594-7269

Pam MahlowProfile Photo

Pam Mahlow

Associate Director
Phone Icon 619-594-6492

Amy SchillerProfile Photo

Amy Schiller

Marketing Coordinator
Phone Icon 619-594-0202

Dawn DiNardoProfile Photo

Dawn DiNardo

Office Supervisor
Phone Icon 619-594-1728

Vicki GreeneProfile Photo

Vicki Greene

Member Services Manager
Phone Icon 619-594-5778

Katie NelliProfile Photo

Katie Nelli

Member Services Supervisor
Phone Icon 619-594-0684

Jake SiegfriedProfile Photo

Jake Siegfried

Aquaplex Manager
Phone Icon 619-594-7462

VACANTProfile Photo


Aquaplex Coordinator

Nate WolfProfile Photo

Nate Wolf

Operations Coordinator
Phone Icon 619-594-0201

Reginald CabanillaProfile Photo

Reginald Cabanilla

Facilities Manager
Phone Icon 619-594-0258

Elle WatsonProfile Photo

Elle Watson

Building Services Engineer
Phone Icon 619-594-2562

Durand SmileyProfile Photo

Durand Smiley

Building Services Engineer
Phone Icon 619-594-4730

Mack PoseyProfile Photo

Mack Posey

Building Services Engineer
Phone Icon 619-594-2562

Cali TolbertProfile Photo

Cali Tolbert

Fitness and Wellness Coordinator
Phone Icon 619-594-7268

DeJuan BenfordProfile Photo

DeJuan Benford

Competitive Sports Manager
Phone Icon 619-594-4280

Parker AndersonProfile Photo

Parker Anderson

Competitive Sports Supervisor
Phone Icon 619-594-6937

Mission Bay Aquatic Center

Kevin StrawProfile Photo

Kevin Straw

Director, MBAC
Phone Icon 858-488-2040 x210

Kevin WaldickProfile Photo

Kevin Waldick

Assistant Director, MBAC
Phone Icon 858-488-2040 x215

Paul LangProfile Photo

Paul Lang

Instructional and Maintenance Manager, MBAC
Phone Icon 858-488-2040 x208

Jamie EubanksProfile Photo

Jamie Eubanks

Instructional Supervisor, MBAC
Phone Icon 858-488-1000 x216

Greg ViehmannProfile Photo

Greg Viehmann

Marine Maintenance Supervisor, MBAC
Phone Icon 858-488-1000 x205

Amanda GrantProfile Photo

Amanda Grant

Office and Marketing Coordinator, MBAC
Phone Icon 858-488-2040 x203

VacantProfile Photo


Youth Programs and Events Supervisor, MBAC

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