Aztec Recreation Center


Each Aztec Recreation building is LEED Certified, demonstrating excellence in environmental practices.

As a result of A.S. Green Love Sustainability Commission initiatives, Aztec Recreation has implemented
many sustainability practices and energy efficiency processes in our day-to-day operations.

  • Platinum LEED Award
    An aerial photo of the Aztec Recreation Center
    Aztec Recreation Center
    134,000 sq. ft.
    • All-electric building powered by 250 kW of rooftop solar PV
    • High value wall and roof insulation and double pane windows
    • Free heating of domestic water for showers from a heat recovery chiller
    • 200,000 gallon rainwater and HVAC condensate storage tanks for toilet-flushing and landscape drip irrigation
    • High Efficiency LED lighting and extensive daylighting
  • Gold LEED Award
    An aerial photo of the Aztec Aquaplex
    Aztec Aquaplex
    7,100 sq. ft.
    • 123 kW of solar PV panels
    • Solar thermal water heating system reduces amount of natural gas needed to heat pool water
    • VFDs on pool water pumps to reduce energy consumption
    • Water savings achieved through installing low-flow fixtures, touchless restroom faucets, and installing synthetic turf instead of natural grass
  • Platinum LEED Award
    An aerial photo of the Mission Bay Aquatic Center
    Mission Bay Aquatic Center
    13,100 sq. ft.
  • An aerial photo of the Recreation Field at SDSU
    Recreation Field
    An aerial photo of the ENS 700 field at SDSU
    ENS 700 Field
    • High Efficiency LED Lighting promotes safety and provides extended recreation hours to students
    • Artificial turf eliminates need for irrigation water
    • Unique organic Zeolite fill that maintains lower field temperatures
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