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Fitness Buddies

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Fitness Buddies is a free program for SDSU students to get moving together. Enrolled SDSU students can choose to participate in the program as a Leader or a Mentee. A Fitness Buddy Leader is not a personal trainer, but is a student who is able to provide motivation, accountability, and support to help Mentees reach their wellness goals. As a Fitness Buddy program participant, you will connect with your assigned pairing at least two times a month and participate in active, healthy, and appropriate activities that you choose together!

Program Interest Forms & Selection Processes

Students wishing to participate in the Fitness Buddies program must complete either the Leader or Mentee interest form in order to be considered for the program. Aztec Recreation reserves the right to deny program participation requests for any reason.

Fitness Buddy Leader Selection Process

Fitness Buddy Leaders will be volunteers of Associated Students/SDSU. Leaders selected to participate in the program will be required to undergo a background check and sign an Associated Students Volunteer form. Upon successful background check, leaders will complete a required orientation/training with the Fitness & Wellness Coordinator. Upon successful completion of the training, selected Leaders will be paired with their assigned mentee(s) based on both the Leader and Mentee preferences listed on their respective application forms.

Fitness Buddy Mentee Selection Process

Students wishing to participate in the Fitness Buddies program as a mentee must complete the mentee interest form. Using the information and preferences provided on the interest form, the mentee will be paired with their assigned leader by the Fitness & Wellness Coordinator.

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Throughout my time with Fitness Buddies, I not only achieved many of my fitness goals, but I also discovered a newfound passion for various activities that I never imagined I'd enjoy or be capable of doing. I'm incredibly grateful for my mentor, who cultivated such a supportive and welcoming environment that helped me find the confidence to embrace growth in my fitness journey with independence and empowerment! Unlike before, I would solely rely on motivation as my encouragement, but Fitness Buddies has helped me shift towards a more disciplined and self-driven fitness journey that has me enjoying fitness more than ever!
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— Samantha Leanne Arciaga


For more information about the Fitness Buddies Program, please contact

Cole Davis, Aztec Recreation Fitness & Wellness Coordinator


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