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Team Building

Are you looking to bring your team closer together?

Is your group looking to enhance their team work skills? Things like communicating, building camaraderie and connection, trusting one another, and working cohesively as a team? Then let Aztec Adventures lead your group through a wide variety of team based activities that will highlight the positives of your team dynamic and where your group could use some work. We will specialize our team building experience to fit your group's needs. If there is an overarching theme or goals that your group is currently working on, we will make the debriefing segment tailored to that objective. The team building experience is open to Student Organizations, SDSU Faculty and staff groups, A.S. groups, and outside organizations with no affiliation to the university.



A team building session usually lasts anywhere between 1-4 hours. The sessions will begin with warm-up and “get to know you” activities. These activities are not just for your group but for our facilitators to get to know your group. If your whole group is more than 15 people they will be split into groups of no more than 15 people so we can begin the team building activities. The smaller groups will be taken through a variety of low to the ground based activities. Each activity will begin with a brief overview of the rules and end with a debriefing of how the group handled the task at hand. At the end of the session the groups will be brought back together for closing statements and debriefing of the day.

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The Activities

Below is a list of our most popular activities and a little bit about them.

Team Challenge - instructing blindfolded team member to put together a shape
Team Challenge - roll a ball across multiple team members
Team Challenge - unravelling strings attached at center

Spider’s Web - The Spider’s Web is a large sized “spider web” that participants must get through or move items through in a systematic fashion in order to complete the task.

Islands - Islands consists of three platforms and two boards. The group is split into two groups onto the two largest platforms and then they must switch platforms using the tools given to them.

TP Shuffle - The TP Shuffle involves the group having to balance on a beam and rearrange themselves without leaving the beam. The group will be challenged by restricting their communication abilities.

Team Dodgeball - Team Dodgeball begins with one person being “it.” That person will then tag someone else with the ball making that person “it” with them. Each person that is hit with the ball then becomes part of the collective “it”. The last person not it “wins” the activity. What makes this activity difficult is you are not allowed to move other than pivoting while touching the ball.

Tangrams - Participants are given a set of shapes that make up a square. They then will be asked to put it back into the shape of a square or make other shapes from a diagram.

Helium Hula Hoop - The group is given a hula hoop and every member of the group must balance the hula hoop on their index fingers and lower the hoop to the ground.

Bulls Rings - Bulls Rings consists of a ring with strings attached. Then each member of the group must grab a string and transport a ball on the ring to another location.

Pipeline - Each member of the group will be given a half pipe and they must combine their half pipes in order to transport that ball to the desired location.

Stepping Stones - The group is given a number of “stones” that will allow them to cross a “raging river”. If the stones leave contact with the body/feet then they rush down the river and are lost. The goal is to get the whole group across the river.

Texas Skis - The group is given a set of “skis” (4x4’s with rope run through them). The group must all stand on the “skis” and work together to move to another location.

Challenge by choice

All of our activities are challenge by choice. Meaning that if you wish not to partake in any of our activities at any point you just need to let the facilitator know. There is no pressure to perform any of the activities, you can step out of your comfort zone as far as you feel comfortable to do so.

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