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Private Swim Lessons
for Adults & Youth

Adult and Youth Swim Classes

The Aztec Aquaplex offers private swim lessons to participants of all ages and abilities interested in individualized instruction. Private and semi-private lessons available are designed to meet specific participant needs. Lessons are 30 minutes of instruction with trained Aztec Aquaplex Aquatic Instructors. Lessons are offered March through November.

Course fees per lesson:
AR Member: $22 per lesson
Non - AR member: $27 per lesson

Or private lesson packages are available in the following quantities:*
AR Member: $80 per four lessons
Non - AR Member: $100 per four lessons

*Refund price maximum of $20 per lesson Aztec Recreation member and $25 per non-Aztec Recreation member for lesson packages if cancelling at least 24 hours in advance.

*Please complete the Private Swim Lesson Inquiry form online or contact the Aztec Aquaplex 619-594-7946 to register for private lessons
Private are scheduled on based on student and staff availability.  Please note your preferred schedule when completing your private lesson request form. 
Private lessons not available during group lesson instruction times

Registration Process

  1. Submit an Aztec Aquaplex Private Lesson Inquiry Form (*one form per participant)
    Inquiry forms can be submitted online, over the phone 619-594-7946 or in-person at the Aztec Aquaplex
  2. An Aztec Aquaplex staff member will review the submitted inquiry form & review the Aquaplex staff database to pair the participant with an Aquatic Instructor based off the participant’s availability, current level, goals, and instructor preference. Private lessons are assigned in the order received with a response within 3-5 business days.
  3. An Aztec Aquaplex staff member will then contact the participant via phone to schedule the first private lesson and collect payment. We recommend participants check in 5-10 minutes prior to their scheduled lesson at the Aquaplex front desk.
  4. Following the first private lesson, the instructor will schedule additional private lessons directly with their participant based off future dates and times available.

Class Rescheduling & Refunds 


After a participant schedules their private lesson date & time with their designated Aquaplex Instructor, participants can re-schedule their lesson up to 24 hours in advance (*including the first lesson). Private lessons are not available during group lesson times. To re-schedule a private lesson please call our scheduling line directly at 619-594-7946.

Cancellations & Late attendance

If the participant needs to cancel an already scheduled private lesson, or notifies the Aquaplex staff for rescheduling with less than 24 hours’ notice the lesson fee paid will be forfeited. We recommend calling our scheduling line 619-594-7946 at least 24 hours in advance.
Instruction time for late or absent participants cannot be made up.


After the first private lesson, participants are not eligible for a full refund for private lesson packages. The maximum refund price is $20 per lesson (Aztec Recreation member) & $25 per lesson (Non-Aztec Recreation member) if cancelling at least 24 hours in advance. To submit a request for a class refund, please call 619-594-7946 or visit the Aztec Aquaplex in-person during Aquaplex Hours of Operation.

Aquatics Private Lessons Inquiry Form

(*Awareness of some medical conditions although not mandatory will help the instructor tailor the course for the participant)

**One inquiry form per participant
**Private lessons are not available during group lesson instruction times.

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