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Bike Maintenance

Has your bike been making weird noises, not shifting appropriately, or just feels off?
Then bring your bike in for a free check-up and we can give you an estimate on what it will cost to get it back to its former glory.


Aztec Recreation bike maintenance is located in the Aztec Recreation Center. To schedule an appointment for a check up or maintenance, email If the maintenance or check up will take longer than the appointment time, you can leave your bike with us and we will contact you when the work has been completed.


Prior to any maintenance being done, you will receive a quote outlining the labor and parts cost. Once you have approved the quote, work will begin.

Bike maintenance service is only for students and ARC members.

Tune-up $10 More information below
Air in Tires Free  
Change Tube $3 /Tire  
Change Tire $3 /Tire  
Slime/Sealant in Tire $3 /Tire  
Convert to Tubeless $25 /Tire Includes valve & tape
Wheel Truing $20 /Wheel  
Repack Hub $15 /Hub  
Bleed Brakes $15 /Brake Includes Fluid
Chain Replacement $5  
Cable Replacement $10 /Cable Includes parts
Brake Pad Replacement $3 /Brake  
Pedal Change Free  
Bike Assembly $25  

We offer more maintenance than is listed above. If you have questions about work that is not listed please contact


Not all costs above are comprehensive since there is such a wide range of costs for parts. Additional parts needed will be quoted in advance and charged at cost of purchase. If you would like to purchase the parts yourself, we can help you with the specifications.


A tune-up consists of the following:

  • Tire pressure check & air, as needed
  • Drivetrain cleaning & adjustment
  • Brake adjustment
  • Overall bolt check
  • Bike cleaning

If any issues are identified during the tune-up, you will receive an estimate outlining the cost to fix it and you can make your decision from there.

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