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The camera pans across scenic high-desert in Joshua Tree National Park. Down a dusty trail slow-walks a crew of Aztec Adventure crew members. One guy slings climbing shoes over his shoulder. A camera pan reveals the individual crew members as they swagger their way down the trail. A full shot of the crew slowly fades to black as the title Aztec Adventures Joshua Tree Rock Climbing fades in. Title fades out. Fade in to two Aztec Adventure team leaders driving a van down an interstate. There are wind turbines in the distance.
A lower third title reads: November 16th, 2012 En Route to India Cover Campsite, Joshua Tree, California.
Forrest: "Alright so you have climbed at Atlantis before?"
Teddy: "Oh yeah."
Forrest: "Okay so I’m thinking we might´┐Ż"
Forrest is being interviewed in the Aztec Adventure back shop. Sleeping bags and pads adorn the background.
Forrest: "My name is Forrest Broadski, I’m the Climbing Program Lead here at Aztec Recreation Center."
Group members enjoy the scenery from the back of the van.
Forrest: "Joshua Tree, for the Aztec Adventure outings that we do it’s a three day trip, so really get to go out there and experience that place that setting. It’s pretty amazing because the drive you get a little sense of what it feels like to be in a high desert, but it’s not until you really pull down upon the India Cove campground drive that the panoramic of the rocks just opens up."
Looking forward out of the van windshield reveals a landscape of rock formations and desert. The group members are silent in awe.
Forrest: "and you see all these Joshua Trees all this dry desert life and yet it’s just this stunning backdrop to a sun set and we couldn’t have timed in perfectly we got in right as the sun was setting so it was amazing."
Looking west, foreground objects fly past as the sun sets.
Steven: "My name is Steven Borreli, I’m a senior, and I’m studying a business marketing."
Steven is being interviewed in the same location as Forrest.
Steven: "So right when we pulled up we got out of the car and a Forrest was like all right we kinda worked as a team so we set up the tent tents a group of us set up tents and then a group of us set up dinner."
The team works together to unload the van and set up the kitchen. A timelapse reveals the sun settings and the sky going dark.
Miranda: "My name’s Miranda Turner and I’m in civil engineering right now and I’m a sophomore at SDSU."
Shots of dinner being prepared. "The food was completely amazing. I ate better on this trip then I eat at home."
Forrest: "As Aztec Adventures one of our mottos is ’eat good food’, and we take that to heart." And not only do we want to show trip members that it’s possible to eat you know gormet food out in the desert, but do it in a sustainable way at the same time, or as sustainable as possible."
Cornbread mead being stirred. Salad being scooped into an aluminum bowl.
Miranda: "I loved the chili that we had the first night there, with the corn bread on top, it was delicious."
The crew enjoys dinner.
Steven: "Delicious, you got some cheese you got some beans, carrots, a little mixture of everything. Just what I needed right now, you know, fill me up."
Later that night: the crew hikes down a dirt road, then through desert terrain.
Miranda: "After dinner that first night Forrest told us we were going to on a little stroll, a little night hike, and I figure we were just going to go on a little stroll."
Forrest addresses the group from atop a rock: "So most of you probably already know how sarcastic I am, and we’re not just out here for a little night hike, we’re out here to explore some rocks. If everyone looks over there, there’s some rocks. But, were not going to go on top of them like we will be over the next two days, we are going to go down into the rocks."
Crew members navigate the cave.
Group member: "I’m going to go down here."
Steven: "Yeah I’m gonna try."
Miranda: "Inside the cave it was just huge boulders together that formed this small passageway that you got to explore your way through and eventually, hope you find your way out."
Addition shots of crew members squeezing through tight spaces.
Steven: "At the very end, I thought I was going to get stuck because I literally had to go feet first, and then I had to push myself up because my feet had to like grab, I didn’t think I was going to make it. But then Forrest was like ’well we had a football player make it’ so I was all right I better make it."
Crew members maneuvering through more rocks.
Forrest: "As we got out on top of the cave and we summited the rock we were entertained with a meteor shower and so we sat back and enjoyed the show for quite a while until we decided to stroll back into camp."
Time lapse reveals the motion of the night’s sky, then the sun rising over distant mountains.
Forrest: "Saturday morning, wake up bright and early before the sun even hits the horizon. We make a quick breakfast, and then we get everyone saddled up for the day."
One crew member packs his bag. Later, the van enters Joshua Tree National Park.
Forrest is driving: "All right so this morning, November 17th, 7:56AM, we are about two and a half miles from the park entrance of National, the Joshua Tree National Park. And once we are in the park we’re going to head to an area called lost horse, home to a ton a ton of classic Joshua Tree climbs and we are going to be going to a uh pretty famous wall called Atlantis Wall, where we’re going to have a wide variety of different routes to choose from and which to climb. So that’s what’s on the agenda, on the menu for this morning."
The van drives past the camera. Doors swing open as climbers step out.
Forrest: "If climbers have their own climbing gear, that’s awesome, we encourage them to bring it, but when you sign up for Joshua Tree trip you don’t have to have a single piece of outdoor equipment or climbing equipment. Aztec Adventures will provide all of that."
Steven packs a bag: "I’m ready to go ready to get some climbing in. Climb all mountains up here, check ’em out, Chris is gonna hold me up, teach me how to do it."
Chris: "Oh I’m going to spot you."
Steven: "He’s going to spot me."
Chris: "I don’t know about teach, I think we’ll leave that for somebody who knows what they’re doing."
Forrest: "Another amazing thing trip members will get out of our trip specifically is having a knowledgeable leader and a guide out there to show them, you know no puns intended, show them the ropes of climbing. Coming with us, you have qualified, and certified leaders through the AMGA, as a single pitch instructor, so it’s really to the benefit of people who haven’t gotten their feet wet with outdoor climbing a lot to join us on our trip because of that, and that alone, the safety aspect of going outside and knowing that your leaders are setting you up for success in a safe manor."
The group is guided down an access trail by Forrest. Group leader Raeanne helps group members get geared up.
Raeanne: "Well right now we’re about to get on our gear for this first time, going on our first climb that Forrest has just kindly set up for us, so Teddy’s going to go over a billeting talk making sure everyone’s got it down perfectly, gonna get all our our harnesses on, our shoes, our helmets, and then we’re gonna climb."
Crew members tighten belts, and tie shoes. Forrest is at the top of the climb with ropes in hand. Teddy holds carabineer in one hand, and rope in the other. He is speaking to the group. Montage: rock climbers preparing for climbs and then climbing. Steven puts a candy bar in his pocket.
Climber: "A lot harder than the gym."
Steven has made it to the top of a climb and pulls out his candy bar. Steven: "Reeces, mmmh, too tasty, I’ve been wanting this all day, a little chocolate on the mountain, save the rest."
Steven descends back to ground level. The group saddles up and leaves the climbing spot at the end of the day.
Miranda: "I think the best thing about going on the trip with Aztec Adventures was that you start out not really knowing what to expect not knowing anybody but by the time that the trips over you’re friends with everyone you’ve just had this great experience, this great adventure that you can share with everyone."
The group is riding once again in the van through Joshua Tree National Park. Mountains of rock line the horizon. The sun paints the landscape orange.
Steven: "I want to go back, I want to go back."
Miranda: "I’ve already signed up for the next trip, I’m excited to go back out there."
Interviewer: "Back to Joshua Tree?"
Miranda: "Back to Joshua Tree with Aztec Adventures, yeah."
Joshua Trees breeze by the camera as the van drives on.
Forrest is driving the car. Forrest: "One of the things that I love, not only about Aztec Adventures, but just the Joshua Tree, the climbing and everything, is that it gives me a chance to share one of my passions of not only being in the outdoors, but also rock climbing in the outdoors, and that the combination of all of it gives me a chance to share that with other people, and I think that’s something really special that I’m pretty fortunate to be able to do."
The trip has ended. The entire group stands around each other in the back shop.
Forrest: "Put your dirty, smelly armpits around one another."
The group forms a circle, then one member begins to roll in.
Forrest: "And Caroline, you’re going to be the center of the cinnamon role, I want you to start rolling in, rolling in, rolling in, rolling in, all right."
The group has rolled in to one big blob, everyone remarks on their situation and laughs.
Fade out.
Fade in title: To Book an Aztec Adventure Visit
Credits: Aztec Adventures Joshua Tree Rockclimbing Video. Produced by Amy Schiller, Jim Lustig. Shot and edited by CJ Capes. This has been a production of Aztec Recreation Center and Associate Students San Diego State University.

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