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Participation & Risk of Travel

Aztec Adventures Participation

Our hope is that each trip member will commit to making a positive contribution to our group of 10 to 12. We will travel as one group, and share the work to be done as one group. The leaders will at times need to make decisions based on the needs of the group—not the special needs of one individual. This is a group experience and everyone is expected to help with all the camping tasks such as: cooking meals and clean-up, setting up camp, and organizing gear. The Aztec Adventures Outdoor Program is all about promoting a healthy social environment where everyone feels comfortable and is included in the process of becoming a close knit group. Unfortunately, if you are the independent type that prefers to do things alone our trips are not appropriate for meeting your needs.

Aztec Adventures Smores

Trip Member Responsibilities:

  • Please accurately and completely furnish all personal information requested on the Medical Disclosure Form.
  • Carefully review all information about the trip. Ask questions if you have specific needs or concerns.
  • Thoroughly understand the physical and mental demands of the outing as well as the risks. Acknowledge and accept those risks to be encountered.
  • Equip yourself in accordance with the packing list and recommendations of the Aztec Adventures staff.
  • Follow Leave No Trace practices and safety guidelines established by the trip leaders and land management agencies.
  • Respect the customs of locales to where we will travel and visit.
  • Always respect the rights and privacy of other trip members.

Since our outings travel in small groups, we have found that all it takes is one person disregarding policy to create a negative and/or dangerous experience for the whole group. Our leaders do not enjoy being disciplinarians, but will take action when someone is jeopardizing the safety of others and ultimately the future of our program. At the leader’s discretion, a trip member may be asked to leave the trip if it is felt that the person’s further participation (or lack of) may be detrimental to the outing or to others. In this case, the excluded person will be responsible for signing an additional liability waiver and covering all costs related to leaving the trip.

Risk of Travel

Our outings have inherent risks of injury and/or death. These risks contribute to the "adventure" and "challenge" of our trips. The Associated Students, Inc. of SDSU, Aztec Recreation, Aztec Adventures Outdoor Program and its employees assume no liability for any damages arising from any of our outings. Some of our outings have prerequisites of being able to swim and/or a suggested fitness level which the trip member is responsible for having. Any person participating on an Aztec Adventures outing is personally responsible for his/her own safety.

Most of our outings take place in remote areas where environmental conditions are uncontrollable. Our leaders will try hard to make you aware of potential hazards, both human and environmental; however, no one can be expected to be aware of everything. Safety is an individual and group responsibility because one person’s careless injury often results in more hardship for the rest of the group 9not just his/her own). Please, before registering, we strongly request that you carefully read and understand our Assumption of Risk, Liability Waiver, Medical Disclosure Form and Cancellation Policies.

Emergency Care

In the event of an accident, injury, illness or missing trip member, the leaders of your outing will attempt to provide first aid to the level of their training and arrange search and evacuation assistance when determined necessary. Our leaders may or may not be carrying communication devices and emergency help may be difficult to arrange. Costs of evacuation or search (helicopter, etc.) and of medical care beyond first aid that is provided by the leaders will be the financial responsibility of the ill or injured person. Emergency services in remote areas are costly. Short term medical and evacuation insurance is advised for those without a comprehensive policy. Please check with your doctor if you have any health problems that may interfere with participation.

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