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Mon, Mar 26 - Sun, Apr 01

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Monday, Mar 26
No Classes
Tuesday, Mar 27
No Classes

Wednesday, Mar 28
No Classes
Thursday, Mar 29
No Classes

Friday, Mar 30
No Classes
Saturday, Mar 31
No Classes
Sunday, Apr 01
No Classes

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Heart Icon Cardio

Yoga Icon Mind Body

Dumbell Icon Strength

Music Note Icon Dance

Heart Dumbell Icon Cardio | Strength

Dumbell Dance Icon Dance | Strength

Yoga Dumbell Icon Mind Body | Strength

Yoga Dumbell Heart Icon Mind Body | Cardio | Strength

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Group Fitness Protocol:
  • All classes are drop-in, no advance registration is required.
  • It is inappropriate and unsafe to enter a class 10 minutes after the start time, or once the class has filled to capacity.
  • Turn off all personal electronic equipment during classes.

For more information about Group Fitness call 619-594-0204 or visit our contact AR page.
Programs and hours are subject to change.

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