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Intramural Sports - Standout Staff

Fall 2015

Jaque Melendez

Jaque Melendez
Fall 2015 - Standout Supervisor

Jaque Melendez is the standout Supervisor for Intramural Sports in the Fall 2015 semester. Votes casted by her co-workers state, “ Jaque is positive and encouraging while still being constructive with her suggestions to officials.” Jaque is willing to step up and handle any situation that might arise during a supervising shift. She also continues to look for ways to develop her own officiating skills, such as attending the Southern California Intramural Official’s Association Flag Football clinic at UCLA this Fall. Her fellow supervisors and officials appreciate the hard work and dedication that Jaque puts in for the program.

One co-worker praises Jaque because, “During every shift I worked with her, I could always feel myself improving because of her halftime & postgame advice and by reviewing close calls.” It is Jaque’s dedication to the development of the Intramural officials that makes her such a valuable member of the Intramural program. When it comes to flag football, one co-worker states that she officiates with supreme confidence and is always helping her other officials out and making them feel at ease.

Jaque primarily officiates and supervises flag football during the Fall season, but she was always willing to help her fellow supervisors with shifts in indoor soccer and softball. Jaque demonstrates great confidence and a strong commitment to the Intramural program through her enforcement of policies, while balancing a positive and fun playing environment for all participants and staff.

Erick Dietz

Erick Dietz
Fall 2015 - Standout Official

Erick Dietz is the standout Official for Intramural Sports in the Fall 2015 semester. Votes casted by his co-workers state, “He is definitely a go-to official for big games and will continue to grow as an official.” Erick has developed immensely over the course of the Fall semester, becoming one of the strongest flag football officials within the Intramural Sports program. His development will continue, but he has progressed very quickly, especially in a sport with many rules and regulations.

One co-worker praises Erick because, “He seeks out development opportunities like the Southern California Intramural Official’s Association Flag Football clinic and the NIRSA Region VI Flag Football Regional tournament at UCLA”. Erick seized the opportunity to further his own development by attending both events and by being engaged throughout the entirety of the events.

Erick primarily officiates flag football during the Fall semester, but demonstrated a strong commitment to working with other sports by attending the training sessions and clinics for all sports offered during the Fall season. Erick has worked hard this semester and we are looking forward to see what more he can do for the program in the coming semesters!

Kwan Carter

Kwan Carter
Fall 2015 - Standout Rookie

Kwan Carter is the standout Rookie staff member for Intramural Sports in the Fall 2015 semester. Votes casted by his co-workers state, “Kwan stands out in my mind because he was always quick to cover shifts when people were in need and also the confidence he exudes on the field even though it was only his first year.” Kwan was recently hired to work as Intramural Official and he continues to develop his officiating skills during each shift. He has a tremendous attitude and is a pleasure to work with.

One co-worker wrote, “Kwan makes the calls that need to be made, even in intense situations, which can be tough to do for beginning officials. With a little more experience and his great attitude, he’s going to keep improving to become one of our standout officials overall.” His positive attitude and ability to take feedback and critiques has helped Kwan improve leaps and bounds from the very beginning of the season. He was even chosen to work some of the Flag Football Championships this season! We are excited to see what Kwan can do in the future to continue to help the Intramural program grow!

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