Guest Membership

Guest Policy

Guests must be 18 or older and present photo ID.

Guests are welcome at the Aztec Recreation Center (ARC), ARC Express, Racquetball and the Aztec Aquaplex.

A guest visit does not constitute a membership.


Member Guest

Current Aztec Recreation members may bring one guest to the ARC, ARC Express, Racquetball or Aquaplex for free one time per semester.

The member must accompany their guest. A member may bring the same individual for each Member Guest redemption.

Day Pass

An individual may purchase a day pass at the ARC, ARC Express, Racquetball or the Aquaplex.

Day pass purchasers may participate in drop in activities including Group Fitness, but are not qualified to play in Intramural Sports or to receive program discounts or other membership benefits.

One-Week Pass

Guests complete our online form and receive a pass via email from a sales representative. These passes are available periodically and may not be available during SDSU breaks; a One-Week Pass may take several days to receive.

There is a limit of one time only for Week Pass trials.
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