Personal Training
Personal Training
Personal Training

Student Wellness Non-Credit Classes

Ftiness Meditation

Spring Sessions


Mondays through April 30   
4pm - 5:30pm
Calpulli Center

Call the counseling center 619-594-5220 and ask to be added to the list.  The class will begin when a sufficient number of students are on the list.  (8 or 10 minimum)
No fee for SDSU students.

Yoga on Recreation Field


Ancient techniques for training the mind taught using the Eastern traditions of insight meditation, Zen, and Tibetan Buddhism. Current Western psychological approaches for training focused attention to develop concentration will be included. All methods are designed to quiet the mind while refining mental alertness. They are particularly helpful with anxiety, depression, and attention problems that may be affecting your ability to learn or have clarity in your daily life and relationships. Please call 619-594-5220 for information. Class is open until filled. For SDSU students only.

Schedule subject to change without notice.

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