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Virtual Workout Resources

Guy doing yoga at home

Aztec Recreation YouTube 

Take classes with Aztec Recreation group fitness instructors.

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American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) 

Staying Physically Active During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Woman doing yoga on a mat

American Council on Exercise (ACE) 

Stay active with ACE's exercise library.

Woman doing ab workout on the mat


Pilates inspired workouts you can follow along at home.

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CorePower Yoga On Demand 

Access free Yoga and Yoga Sculpt videos for a limited time.

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Down Dog App 

Use your SDSU email to sign up for free access to Down Dog through January 2021.

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Fab Fit Fun TV 

Access multiple classes including yoga, dance, barre, yoga sculpt, and more for a limited time.

Woman doing ab workout at home


Bodyweight workouts at home.

Woman doing leg lifts at home


Over 600 full length at home workouts.

Woman doing bycicle crunch at home

Les Mills On Demand 

Access Les Mills classes such as BodyCombat, BodyPump, and more for a limited time.

Woman following online fitness instructions

Life Fitness 

Easy at home workouts from Digital Coaches.

Woman preforming a plank on a yoga mat

Lululemon Yoga Channel 

Find a variety of classes ranging from yoga classes to full body workouts

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Video exercise demos

Man preforming a weighted squat


Try the Peloton App at home, now free for 90 days.

Woman following fitness instructions on a TV


Upbeat at home workouts featuring dance, full body workouts, ab classes, and more.

Older woman in fitness gear looking on her phone


Try the Spiro100 Senor Living Community Wellness Program Free for 30 Days

Woman meditating on her couch

UCSD Center for Mindfulness 

UCSD Center for Mindfulness

Woman following online fitness workout


Take classes from the YMCA in your own living room.

Woman doing yoga workout

Yoga Journal 

Access online yoga classes

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