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In April 2015 The Aztec Recreation Center achieved LEED Gold Existing Building Certification

US Green Building Council for LEED Gold

Aztec Recreation, a division of Associated Students, is committed to reducing energy and water use in our facilities, exploring the use of renewable energy, and reducing our carbon footprint.

As a result of AS "Green Love" initiatives, Aztec Recreation has implemented several sustainability practices and energy efficiency processes in our day-to-day operations, including:

    • Installed roof-top photovoltaic (PV) panels on the ARC. Project complete April 20, 2012. Estimated Greenhouse Gas saving: 300 Tons annually.
    • The Aztec Aquaplex saves water; replaced the natural grass with synthetic turf.
    • Reduced energy costs by re-commissioning the Aztec Rec Center’s Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system.
    • Generated electricity by installing 840+ photovoltaic (PV) panels at Aztec Aquaplex.
    • Saved water by installing waterless and low-flow urinals in the ARC men’s restroom.
    • Saved water by encouraging all users to take shorter showers and installing low-flow shower heads.
    • Installed cool "white roof" on the ARC to reflect sunlight and decrease air conditioning costs.
    • Improved can and bottle recycling efforts by doubling the blue recycling bins throughout the facilities.
    • Improved air flow and user’s comfort level, without increasing air conditioning, by installing two 24-foot fans above exercise rooms in the ARC.
    • Saved natural gas by installing large recirculating water heaters above spectator bleachers in Aztec Aquaplex
    • Replaced all inefficient overhead Incandescent light fixtures inside the ARC with highly efficient Fluorescent light fixtures.
    • Installed Occupancy Sensors in the ARC that control the lights.
    • Staff also doubled their efforts to actively control energy waste and developed methods to decrease unneeded energy usage by training employees to actively adjust lights, televisions, video games, computers and other appliances when not in use.
    • Installed ceiling fans in all cardio and fitness areas.
    • Replaced inefficient appliances with ENERGY STAR™-rated appliances.
    • Installed touchless faucets in all restrooms.
    • Replaced metal lockers with lockers made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled High Density Polythylene (i.e., recycled milk jugs).
    • Installed additional bicycle and skateboard racks.
    • Initiated battery recycling at ARC Member Services.
    • Initiated use of 100% recycled office paper.
    • Installed eco-friendly air hand dryers.
    • Initiated use of EPA-certified post consumer recycled toilet paper and paper towels.
    • Conducted energy audits for all facilities.
    • Installed Vending "misers" on refrigerated vending machines.
    • Installed VFDs on the Aquaplex water pumps.
    • Installed a solar water heating system on the roof of the AMC to supply heated water for laundering workout towels (proposed completion = 2013).
    • Upgraded programmable thermostats to control room temperatures in the Aztec Recreation Center.
    • Started campus "Aztec Bike" bicycle rental (pilot program).


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