Aztec Adventures Team Challenge programs provide groups of five to 150 people an exciting opportunity to build and strengthen personal relationships and group dynamics in a safe and fun environment.

Since 1997, Team Challenge has introduced groups to the adventure and challenge of the high ropes course experience, facilitating hundreds of groups to build trust and create a healthy climate that encourages and values the contributions of each team member. With several program options, each challenge is designed to accomplish specific goals based on your group’s needs and resources. Aztec Adventures Team Challenge program has a solution for any group.

Our team looks forward to working with your team!

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Aztec Adventures Team Challenge
Building Strong People, Relationships, and Teams since 1977


Driving up to the Camp Stevens Ropes Course

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An atmosphere of support and cooperation that accomplishes goals while climbing among the trees of Julian.

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Video portion- packing up van, arriving at Camp Stevens Ropes Course, eating lunch (Sandwich Shop), Ropes Course and participants climbing element, putting on gear, showing how to properly put on harness, Facilitator explaining the element, a team up on Pipe Dreams (one of the Tandem Elements)

"We all started here at the Aztec Recreation Center. The ride up was gorgeous. The Aztec Adventures Staff also provided lunch, drinks, snacks for all of us on the team. Camp Stevens is beautiful and the challenge ropes themselves were amazing."

"I wanted to prove to myself and everyone else that I could do it, so I did."

"I knew I had my team behind me."

"If I scream like a little kid and not get through anything, their still my friends and that's how you know we're a team."

"You really just push yourself outside your comfort zone."

"You're constantly giving each other positive feedback and reinforcing each other because you legitemently want to see the other person succeed."

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Inspiring others through communication and trust at the Kroc Center

Video + Voiceover

Video: Ray and Joan Kroc Center sign, shots of Kroc Center, a group doing an activity called Birdie on a Perch, shots of the group interacting and laughing

"I really like going to the Kroc Center because it is so close it feels like you are still at home, but at the same time you are getting away from all the hustle and bustle of SDSU."

"So we played this game called Birdie on a Perch and its really ridiculous, it's quite silly, but it is so much fun."

"That one is my favorite."

"It's called Team Challenge cause you work in a group, and you get to know people, and you really just make connections, and it's a lot of fun too."

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"Working together to build both bonds and boats at San Diego State University"

Video + Voiceover

Video: duct tape being unwrapped, group working on making their cardboard boats, cutting cardboard, taping together, putting on PFD (personal floatation device), two boats braving the waters of the Aquaplex and racing

"To make our boats we had PVC pipe, cardboard, duct tape, a lot of duct tape. I thought that it was an interesting way to go about creating teamwork and camaraderie."

"Oh we bonded very well with our team. I would recommend this team building exercise to everybody. It just made us very close as a group, it just bonded everybody."

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