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Heidi Sarmiento Wilson

Heidi Sarmiento Wilson

Self Defense for Women

Heidi has been a fitness professional for over 25 years and currently is a member of the Health and Exercise Science faculty at the University of San Diego, Mesa College, Cuyamaca College, and Torah High School. She holds 2 Masters Degrees from SDSU; one in Public Health (MPH) and one in Exercise and Nutritional Sciences (MS). She is a 3rd degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and formerly ran a Taekwondo dojo with her late husband Grandmaster James A. Wilson. She currently trains in Hapkido with Grandmaster Stephen Hong and Aikijujitsu with Master Wayne Collins. Heidi is also a boxing trainer at Body By Discipline in Lemon Grove and Maxwell’s Boxing on Miramar Road. 

While Heidi teaches academic classes in health, sports nutrition, and various fitness classes her true passion is teaching women how to defend themselves.

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