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Intro To Springboard Diving

Intro To Springboard Diving

As part of the Introduction to Springboard Diving course students will learn basics of competitive Springboard Diving sport including diving safety and the fundamentals to the sport. The class will go through diving progression from the deck to both the 1 and 3-meter springboards. Students have the choice to perform the course skills from the 1 and 3-meter springboards (* Skills off the 3-meter are not required). This course is designed for students with minimal to no previous experience in Springboard Diving but are interested in learning the sport and having fun.


Students must successfully pass the Aztec Aquaplex deep-water swim test* prior to participating in the Intro to Springboard Diving course. *Aztec Aquaplex deep-water swim test: The first part of the swim test consists of swimming 25 yards freestyle at the surface without stopping or touching the bottom of the pool. The second part of the test consists of treading water for 30 seconds.


  • Diving positions- straight, tuck, and pike
  • Feet first entries
  • Head first entries and diving from the side of the pool in the kneeling, fall in and stride position
  • Forward approach and hurdle on the springboard
  • Forward dive straight, tuck and pike
  • Diving board safety


Min. 3 / Max. 9

There are no upcoming Intro To Springboard Diving classes currently scheduled.
Please check back at a later date for future Intro To Springboard Diving Schedule
For further information please contact Aztec Aquaplex staff by calling (619) 594-7946

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