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Mariah LeonardMariah Leonard

I’m an undergraduate student studying Kinesiology with an emphasis in fitness. I’ve always enjoyed being active; when I was younger, I was that kid whose feet were black from running around without shoes ‘til the street lights came on, but didn’t realize how much I loved being active until high school. Around that time I was very depressed, what kept me going were my trips to the gym, hikes, runs around the park, or roller derby practices. I used exercise to heal myself. Because of fitness I was able to turn my life around.

I’ve always thought about becoming a fitness instructor, I figured if exercise could save me, maybe I could use it to save someone else. When I heard about the group fitness training at the ARC I had to jump on it! GFIT solidified my passion for instructing and I also gained a newfound respect for the instructors and all the classes.

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