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Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Aztec Abs Strength Class

Train your core with much more than crunches and sit ups! The core consists of the abdominals, obliques, pelvic muscles, back and glutes. A strong core can help improve athletic performance, posture and balance. Be prepared to feel the burn in all the right places.

Cardio Dance Dance Class

This fun, choreography-based class includes multiple music genres and incorporates toning with aerobic work using easy to follow moves. From the beginner to the highly experienced exerciser: the emphasis is on providing a fun and effective workout for all fitness levels. You’re sure to break a sweat with a smile!

Cycling Cardio Class

This class is a great cardiovascular workout that simulates outdoor rides.  Pedal through sprints, hills, intervals, and more to energizing music that is sure to make you sweat.  If you choose to wear cycling shoes, our bikes are compatible with SPD pedals.  No experience required!

Deep Stretch Yoga Mind Body Class

In this class you will practice elongating and stretching every muscle so you leave feeling refreshed and relaxed. If you are ’stiff’ and looking to improve flexibility then this is the class for you.

Mind Body
Gentle Yoga Mind Body Class

Relax and release stress from both your body and mind. A classical form of hatha yoga, this slower-paced class is a safe way to begin a new yoga practice or deepen your advanced practice. Learn mindful breathing and relaxation techniques. Experience passive stretches that leave you feeling restored.

Mind Body
Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Mind Body Class

Looking for a restorative blend of mindful breathing and flowing yoga postures? Release tension and improve flexibility with this blend of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. This class is ideal for injury recovery, balance, alignment, and mental focus.

Mind Body
HIIT 30 Cardio/Strength Class

This high intensity interval training class combines both cardio and strength segments to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping. Get ready for a fun, full body workout!

Lower Body Express Cardio/Strength Class

Strengthen and tone your legs, glutes, and core during this lower body focused workout. Combining both high and low intensity movements you will be sure to feel the burn!

Mindful Meditation Mind Body Class

Meditation is the transforming of the mind. Learn to relax and reflect in this class proven to decrease stress and improve your mood and self-awareness.

Mind Body
Outdoor Boot Camp Cardio/Strength Class

Drop and give me 20! This class utilizes challenging segments of cardiovascular work, muscle conditioning, and other athletic drills to ensure a complete body workout out on the Rec Field.

Power Yoga Mind Body/Strength Class

Looking for an intense, athletic style of yoga sure to make you sweat? This flowing version of Ashtanga yoga will help you develop strength, flexibility, and balance while providing you with a physically demanding workout. Hatha style breath includes a mindful and restorative component to complete your practice.

Mind Body/Strength
Sunrise Barre Dance/Strength Class

Rise and shine for Sunrise Barre! This class will strengthen your glutes, legs, core, and arms using dance-inspired movements. Feel the burn for an energizing start to your day!

Total Strength Strength Class

Looking to develop lean and sculpted muscles? This total body workout will keep you coming back for more! Discover new exercises to challenge yourself using body weight, steps, resistance bands, free weights, and stability balls.

Yoga Sculpt Mind Body/Cardio/Strength Class

Yoga Sculpt is a high intensity fusion of weight training and yoga postures that can help build lean muscle mass, boost metabolism, and enhance flexibility. Components include: flexibility training via yoga poses; full-body resistance training with weights; core isolation exercises; plyometric conditioning; functional movements that develop balance, coordination, and core strength; and breath and mindfulness integration providing workout enjoyment and an emotional recharge.

Mind Body/Cardio/Strength
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