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The medical field of athletic training encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, and intervention of emergency, acute, and chronic medical conditions involving impairment, functional limitations, and disabilities. Athletic Trainers are certified by the Board of Certification Inc. nationally and are licensed through each states respective medical licensure board. Certified Athletic Trainers must adhere to each states medical practice act that defines the scope of practice for that particular state.

Sport Club Athletic Training Services

The San Diego State University Athletic Medicine facility is located in the Fowler Athletic Center (FAC). A.S./Aztec Recreation Sport Clubs are committed to providing high quality medical services to sport club student-athletes currently participating in sport clubs at San Diego State University. Athletes are encouraged to call to make appointments for injury consultations. Drop-in appointments will be made as time permits. Sport club student-athletes can utilize the athletic training facility for an evaluation of an injury sustained DURING an approved event or activity.

Monday-Thursday: 2:00pm-8:00pm
Friday: 2:00pm-6:00pm

The athletic training room provides the following:

The athletic trainers are available for assessing sport club related musculoskeletal injuries and recommending/implementing corrective exercise programs. Providing advice or suggestions regarding injury prevention and strength and conditioning programsTaping or wrapping of current injuries, as long as there is a current treatment plan that is being followedRecommending referral to outside healthcare provider when necessary and indicatedManagement and care of acute injuriesIce bags and ice tubs Wound care and bandaging

The athletic training facility does not provide the following:

A massage parlor-we do not do "massage" we will perform manual therapies as we deem them necessary depending on the type and severity of injury we are dealing withAn endless supply of taping materialsChiropractors-please do not ask us to "crack" your back or any other body partAn area for loitering or socializing, if you are not injured or in the athletic training room for a very specific purpose you will be politely asked to leaveGoing to tape you or your whole team solely for prophylactic reasons. If you are interested in wrapping for prevention we can recommend certain braces

Additional Medical Services:

San Diego State University Student Health Services provides a number of medical, counseling, nutritional, physical therapy and women’s health services. To learn more about these services visit SDSU Student Health Services or call 619-594-5281.

Pre-Participation Screening:

To participate in sport club activities, all sport club participants required to have an orthopedic and general physical examination prior to participating in any sporting or physical activity. It is highly recommended and encouraged to have the aforementioned examinations annually. For a nominal fee, the sports club program schedules group examinations during the fall semester or individuals may schedule an examination via their primary physician. San Diego State University Student Health Services provides complete pre-participation physical examinations. To schedule an appointment, please call 619-594-5281. Fees may apply.

Physical Examination Form (Excel)
Health History Form (PDF)
Returning Athlete Questionnaire (PDF)
Medical Consent Form (PDF)


The Athletic Medicine staff will make every effort to get an athlete back to play, but it must be done safely and appropriately. The student athlete does NOT have to right to make the decision to return to play without the consent of the certified athletic trainer or physician(s) they are working with. In the event that an athlete ignores or chooses to disregard medical disqualifications given by a certified athletic trainer or physician(s), the athlete will:

At the minimum, be suspended from participation in any club sport event (practice, game, tourney, travel, etc) for at least 1 week regardless of the season or phase of season (pre, post, etc).

Any further disciplinary action will be decided at the discretion of the Sport Club Athletic Medicine Staff and the Sports Club Administrative Staff.


San Diego State University Student Health and Aztec Recreation Sport Clubs are committed to providing the best possible healthcare to our student-athletes. Concussions are serious injuries that need to be taken care of properly. If not treated correctly, there is a greater risk for further, more disruptive injury, and/or longer recovery time. In order to ensure that any athlete that suffers from a concussion is safely returned to play, the following procedure will be followed for every concussion:

The athlete will be immediately removed from play and evaluated by a certified athletic trainer. If a certified athletic trainer was not present at the time of injury, the athlete should report to the athletic trainer (AT), to be evaluated by the certified athletic trainer or to a physician as soon as possible.

The athlete will be informed about their injury; will be given information and recommendations regarding participation and at home instructions.

Please see the Medical Disqualification Policy for information on consequences for not following the recommendations of the certified athletic trainer and/or physician.

All student-athletes and coaches must review the concussion fact sheet, review sign and submit the Concussion Statement Acknowledgement, and review the concussion video (coaches only) presented by the NCAA.


Student-Athlete Concussion Fact Sheet (PDF)
Student-Athlete Concussion Statement Acknowledgement (PDF)


Coach Concussion Fact Sheet (PDF)
Coach Concussion Statement Acknowledgement (PDF)


All sports club participants are highly encouraged to have primary insurance coverage. However, the Associated Students of San Diego State University provides, at no cost to the Sports Club student-athlete, an Excess Secondary Insurance Plan. The insurance policy is accessed only in the event of injury and an injury claim form has been completed for processing. Such insurance may be utilized only after all other valid and collectible insurance policies, which may cover the student-athlete, have been exhausted.

Exclusion or failure to provide accurate insurance information on the Athlete General Information Form or the Insurance Claim Form will result in the non-payment of medical expenses received as a result of sports club participation, and may also result in expulsion from the club team.


An Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability form must be completed and registered on file with Aztec Recreation Sport Clubs prior to practicing or participating in any club sponsored event.

Athletic Training Contact Info

Jessica Glauser, MS, ATC
Office Phone: 619-594-6268
Fax: 619-594-7654

Lauren Aleksa, MS, ATC
Office Phone: 619-594-8371
Fax: 619-594-7654

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