Athletic Training

Athletic Training Insurance Policy

An Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability form must be completed and registered on file with Aztec Recreation Sport Clubs prior to practicing or participating in any club sponsored event. 

All sports club participants are highly encouraged to have primary insurance coverage. However, the Associated Students of San Diego State University provides, at no cost to the Sports Club student-athlete, an Excess Secondary Insurance Plan. The insurance policy is accessible in the event of injury and upon completion of an injury claim form. The Excess Secondary Insurance Plan may be utilized only after all other valid and collectible insurance policies, which may cover the student-athlete, have been exhausted. 

Exclusion or failure to provide accurate insurance information on the Athlete General Information Form or the Insurance Claim Form will result in the non-payment of medical expenses received as a result of sports club participation, and may also result in expulsion from the club team.

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