Athletic Training

Athletic Training Participation Screening

To participate in sport club activities, all sport club participants are required to have an orthopedic and general physical examination prior to competing and traveling with their respective club team. It is highly recommended to have the aforementioned examinations completed annually and required after sustaining an acute injury. For a nominal fee, the sports club program schedules group examinations during the fall semester. Individuals may schedule an examination via their primary physician or SDSU Student Health Services (Fees may apply).

Medical Documents:

Medical Disqualification Policy:

The athletic medicine staff will make every effort to get an athlete back to play. The student athlete does NOT have to right to make the decision to return to play without the consent of the certified athletic trainer or physician(s) they are working with. In the event that an athlete ignores or chooses to disregard medical disqualifications given by a certified athletic trainer or physician(s), the athlete may be suspended from participation in any club sport event (practice, game, tourney, travel, etc) for at least 1 week regardless of the season or phase of season (pre, post, etc).

Any further disciplinary action will be decided at the discretion of the Sport Club Athletic Medicine Staff and the Sports Club Administrative Staff.

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