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Group Fitness Classes

Rainbow Barre Sculpt

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Thursday, Jul 18

2024-07-18 6pm
Dance/Strength Class

Rainbow Barre Sculpt13723

Instructor Icon Alexandria M.
Location Icon McKenzie Studio
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Time Icon 45min

Participants may register for group fitness classes 7 days in advance up to 15 minutes prior to the start of class. 
If you need to cancel your registration, the deadline is 30 minutes prior to the Group Fitness class start time. You may cancel on the Aztec Recreation app, online at arconline.sdsu.edu or you can visit or call the Aztec Recreation Center at 619.594.7529.
A one time advance registration is required for virtual zoom classes.
It is inappropriate and unsafe to enter a class 5 minutes after the start time or without a reservation. 
Turn off all personal electronic equipment during in person classes.

Group Fitness registration and cancellation processes:

Heart Icon Cardio
Yoga Icon Mind Body
Dumbell Icon Strength
Music Note Icon Dance
Heart Dumbell Icon Cardio | Strength
Dumbell Dance Icon Dance | Strength
Yoga Dumbell Icon Mind Body | Strength
Yoga Dumbell Heart Icon Mind Body | Cardio | Strength
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