Group Fitness

Group Fitness Class


  Calendar Icon Friday, October 30  
  Time Icon 12pm - 12:30pm  

CLASS TYPE: Cardio/Strength

This high intensity interval training class combines both cardio and strength segments to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping. Get ready for a fun, full body workout!

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Sara McDonald

Sara McDonald
Class Instructor

I began teaching Group Fitness in 1995. Back then, I was working on my Master's degree and found that I was in the gym all the time - why not get paid? I love TAKING group fitness classes and wanted to give back by hopefully making exercise an enjoyable and challenging experience for my students. I get such an endorphin rush from both taking and teaching classes and I hope the students come away with the same endorphin rush. I definitely feed off the energy of the students, and hope I reflect back that energy for the students. Wherever I move, the gym is always the first place where I feel most at home. It's a place not only to deal with stress, anxiety, and even the isolation of being in a new place, but also a great way to meet people and create a community for yourself. I’m very excited to again be teaching on a college campus! Just prior to moving to CA, I taught for the Duke Group Fitness program while working on my PhD. I like the idea that I'm helping students build the healthy habit of a lifetime of fitness and that over the years to come, they benefit as much as I have from being a devotee of group fitness.

What I teach: I specialize in cardio kickboxing, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), boot camp, body weight and strength training, and circuit training. All of my classes use original choreography. I appreciate the wide variety of classes offered at the ARC.

My interests and hobbies: As a marine biologist, of course I love the beach, the sun, salt air, and sand between my toes, and being on the water in a boat. My husband and I have renovated two historic homes. Despite the hard work and many challenges, it's very rewarding when you finally achieve the finished product. The older I get, the more I enjoy hanging out with friends at someone's house for game night or watching some good shows - probably sounds boring to most people, but I really enjoy it!

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