Group Fitness

Group Fitness Class


  Saturday, December 8  
  10am - 10:50am  


This class is a great cardiovascular workout that simulates outdoor rides.  Pedal through sprints, hills, intervals, and more to energizing music that is sure to make you sweat.  If you choose to wear cycling shoes, our bikes are compatible with SPD pedals.  No experience required!

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Grace Gama
Grace Gama
Class Instructor

Grace is currently a student at SDSU working towards her bachelors degree in Foods and Nutrition. Her passion is to help others discover what motivates them to engage in a healthy lifestyle. Her motto is, "learn to love yourself" and she encourages everyone to embrace their uniqueness. She believes that group fitness is a fun way to stay active as well as getting connected with like-minded fitness friends, so catch her teaching Cycle and Calorie Killer! Throughout her life, Grace has remained active in sports such as: dance, cheer, triathlon and climbing. During her free time she enjoys hanging out with friends, eating good food and having good laughs. As an instructor, she aspires to be a good role model, as well as a friend, to her students looking to stay active and healthy throughout their college careers.

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