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Yoga Sculpt

  Calendar Icon Tuesday, June 18  
  Time Icon 6pm - 6:50pm  

Yoga Sculpt
CLASS TYPE: Mind Body/Cardio/Strength

Yoga Sculpt is a high intensity fusion of weight training and yoga postures that can help build lean muscle mass, boost metabolism, and enhance flexibility. Components include: flexibility training via yoga poses; full-body resistance training with weights; core isolation exercises; plyometric conditioning; functional movements that develop balance, coordination, and core strength; and breath and mindfulness integration providing workout enjoyment and an emotional recharge.

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Keith van der Walde

Keith van der Walde
Class Instructor

Keith is a passionate athlete and is involved in activities as diverse as cycling, tennis, yoga, running, boxing, weight lifting and swimming. Always in search of the hardest and most efficient and strategic workout, Keith discovered Yoga Sculpt in 2013 and was immediately hooked. Blending weights with yoga postures, this class is every bit as fun as it is challenging, offering the full-body benefits of yoga, coupled with the metabolism boost and conditioning benefits of exercises that hit major functional muscle groups, enhance flexibility, tone, balance, and build core strength. Convinced that there is little better way to spend an hour each day, Keith regularly practices Yoga Sculpt and enjoys nothing more than providing the experience for others. By introducing themes in class that inspire and elevate his students, Keith provides an immersive environment that facilitates growth and reinforces the magnificent potential of each participant. Keith is an aerospace engineer and artist who has started a company around his inventions and believes there is no limit to what we are able to dream and achieve.

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