Group Fitness

Group Fitness Class

Women's Conditioning 101

  Calendar Icon Thursday, October 10  
  Time Icon 1pm - 1:50pm  

Women's Conditioning 101
CLASS TYPE: Cardio/Strength

This class is designed by women, for women. A 30-minute lunchtime functional fitness class that combines strength movements, plyometrics, core, and cardio, with little to no equipment!

Megan Hollyfield

Megan Hollyfield
Class Instructor

Megan began practicing yoga in 2012 as a form of physical therapy.  Yet the more she practiced the physical postures; the more yoga became a refuge to work on her mental strength.  Apparent that the mind-body connection is invaluable, she dove into a teacher training to deepen her own practice.  Now a certified 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, she hopes to share the benefits of focus, determination, and positivity to all her students.

After realizing she enjoyed teaching power, sculpt, and hot yoga classes, she started to branch out to teach other formats at the SDSU Aztec Recreation Center.  Megan now teaches many additional formats such as Total Strength, Barre Blast, and Cardio Dance.  Whenever you step into one of her classes whether to relax with yoga or workout, you will find a positive atmosphere and a class geared to challenging both the mind and the body.

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