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Heated Yoga Sculpt Class

  Calendar Icon Friday, July 12  
  Time Icon 10am - 10:50am  

Heated Yoga Sculpt
CLASS TYPE: Mind Body/Cardio/Strength

Yoga Sculpt is a high intensity fusion that incorporates hand weights, cardio bursts, and signature yoga postures to help build lean muscle mass, boost metabolism, and enhance flexibility. This version of yoga sculpt is taught in a heated studio with temperatures reaching up to 104 degrees. Bring a towel and a full bottle of water, and get ready to develop strength, flexibility, and balance with a physically demanding practice. No late entry. 

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Natalie Quinn

Natalie Quinn
Class Instructor

Natalie is currently a student here at San Diego State. She is majoring in Kinesiology with an emphasis on physical therapy. She hopes to become a physical therapist while still teaching workout classes on the side. Natalie is a certified ACSM Group Exercise Instructor and SCW Barre Instructor. Natalie grew up playing soccer, tennis and dance, so she has always loved to move her body and stay active. She enjoys being able to work out with a group of people because everyone motivates each other to do their best and have fun. She is looking forward to teaching in-person classes because she primarily taught classes through zoom during COVID-19.

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