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Group Fitness Class

Pride: Lift & Flow Heated Yoga Sculpt Class

  Calendar Icon Monday, July 15  
  Time Icon 12pm - 12:50pm  

Pride: Lift & Flow Heated Yoga Sculpt
CLASS TYPE: Mind Body/Cardio/Strength

Get ready to move through this Pride sequence experiencing the fusion of heat, yoga, and resistance training. The theme for our Samasthiti (standing at attention) will be how we can remeber to find pride within ourselves but also with others. Therefore lets practice the acts of love, kindness, and inclusivity through our Lift&Flow sequence celebrating the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

Alexandria Moler

Alexandria Moler
Class Instructor

Alex Moler graduated from SDSU with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, Fitness Specialist. In the future she plans on working in the Exercise and Nutrition field running her own consultant business and helping clients achieve their fitness and health goals. All things related to health and fitness became a passion of hers when she tore her ACL twice playing soccer. Group fitness became a huge part of her life during her recovery from two knee surgeries. After attending multiple group fitness classes, she got her certification to become a group fitness instructor. As an instructor she hopes to inspire others to stay active, healthy and reach their fitness goals while participating in a safe and welcoming environment. Along with leading group fitness classes, Alex now is a Fitness and Wellness Program Assistant at the ARC. She is excited to start teaching ENS fitness classes. Come join her on this new journey, SDSU community!

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