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Heated Power Yoga Class

  Calendar Icon Thursday, August 22  
  Time Icon 5:30pm - 6:30pm  

Heated Power Yoga
CLASS TYPE: Mind Body/Strength

Looking for an intense, athletic style of yoga sure to make you sweat? This version of flowing yoga is taught in a heated studio with temperatures reaching up to 104 degrees. Bring a towel and a full bottle of water, and get ready to develop strength, flexibility, and balance with a physically demanding practice. No late entry. 

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Ricky Paniagua
Class Instructor

Ricky holds degrees in Organizational Leadership and Behavioral Sciences and has been a certified Yoga Instructor since 2015. Ricky offers thought-provoking meditations, philosophy, and insights interwoven into playful and challenging postures that are accessible to Yoga practitioners of all levels. He believes in holding inclusive space while providing mindful and nurturing support, allowing practitioners to explore both their physical and mental bodies on their mats. Through verbal and physical adjustments, Ricky serves as an active observer, serving to empower practitioners to develop a deeper connection with their Yoga practice.

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